Gina Wilson

Early Learning Program Director

Early Learning Program Director

(615) 794-7955 ext. 2136

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting

Gina started at Waves in 2007 as a preschool classroom teacher. Prior to Waves, she worked as a Financial Underwriter at Provident Life Insurance. She has volunteered with several organizations including Special Olympics of Williamson County, Down Syndrome Association of Middle TN and Saddle Up!.

Gina works to empower individuals who have special needs, along with their families and friends. After the birth of her first child, who has Down Syndrome and Hirschsprung’s Disease, Gina became an advocate, helping to serve as a leader in making inclusion in the classroom and work force available for everyone.

Gina’s hidden talent is that she plays tennis with a passion.

“I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful organization that cares for young children and adults who need it most.”

– Gina Wilson