Goals, the Waves Way

January, the month of renewal and resolution. This month is typically when we all make plans and goals for the upcoming 12 months. How can I improve? What can I do differently? How can I start this year off fresh? These goals and resolutions often center around movement habits or eating patterns for personal improvement. Or how to implement systems of efficiency within work for better flow and work/life balance. Or adopting a new skill or hobby to enrich our lives more. At Waves, we are very familiar with setting goals. While each department has its own goals to pursue throughout the year, our staff monitor and set goals on somewhat of a daily basis. Goals are how we succeed in our programming, both Early Learning and Adult Services. Did you know that each person supported at Waves has very specific goals tailored to their development?

In Early Learning, our goals are centered around developmental milestones outlined by the CDC while also considering goals that the caregiver may have for their child. Early Interventionists work with caregivers and the children to set these goals in their developmental progress and work towards achieving them. The adults supported at Waves are part of the skill/goal definition phase along with a caregiver and staff. Together goals are established along with measurements needed to establish that a goal has been achieved.

Often goals seem very large and almost impossible to obtain, but our team works with the caregivers to break those large goals down into smaller, easier to process, goals. Using this approach helps everyone involved—staff, caregivers, individual supported, and child—better understand the pathway to success.

Our teams work really hard to ensure that progress is made daily. Is everyday progress a reality, no, often there can be setbacks, but our staff knows how to evaluate the situation and relay the best next steps. Many times, caregivers can be frustrated and unable to see progress. Waves’ staff are present to show how many skills have been developed. While some skills are small, we are working to lay a foundation of development for the success of every person supported.

What are some goals you’ve made for yourself or your family?