As part of our Adult Day Services, Waves is now offering a Community Transitions Program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Community Transitions Program provides individuals the opportunity to be more involved in the community in a social setting, without receiving services in a traditional center-based setting. This program allows individuals increased opportunities for social interaction through various activities such as:

  • Volunteering in the community (Meals on Wheels, Grace Works, Williamson Public Library, etc.)
  • Participating in Waves’ art program, monthly music class, swimming group, and walking club
  • Visiting museums, parks, and other education-based venues

The Community Transitions Program serves individuals who previously received services through the Center-based Programs but could benefit from more time in the community. In addition, the Program serves individuals transitioning from an educational setting and those looking for employment opportunities.

To request more information about the Community Transitions Program, please contact Marci Cohen at or (615) 794-7955 ext. 2119.

For more information about the Center-based Day Programs, click here.