Christy sitting on a couch next to Santa with a Christmas tree beside them.

Every year many people dream (and sing) about having a white Christmas. The sharp drop in temperatures leading up to Christmas gave Middle TN just that dream. Snowy conditions and below-freezing temperatures aren’t always fun and games for everyone. For many, the colder weather created a lot of issues and damage. You’ve read the headlines; people displaced, canceled flights, stranded motorists, the list goes on. At Waves, some of this hardship was experienced as well, but we’d like to share the brighter side of that story.

The Residential Program at Waves, Inc. includes five community-integrated homes throughout Williamson County that provide safe living environments for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On Christmas Eve, two residents at one home decided to visit their friends at another Waves location. Christy, a third housemate, decided to stay home. As an independent participant, Christy is safe to be home without staff for a certain amount of time every day. While home on Christmas Eve, the freezing temperatures caused the sprinkler system pipes to burst in the ceiling of the dining and living rooms. As the water began filling the ceiling space, the sheetrock and installation started to crash to the floor. The dining table, couches, other furniture, and the floor were quickly flooded with water, ceiling, and attic material. Being alone in the house, Christy immediately sprung into action and called the Waves Adult Services Director which set a chain of events into action. Knowing that help was on the way, Christy decided the next most important thing to do was save all the Christmas presents intended for her housemates. Holiday traditions are celebrated within the Waves homes, just as they are in every home. Residents shop with staff to purchase gifts for each other using their own money or gift cards donated by local churches. Christy worked quickly to move all the gifts to a space not affected by the flooding, and then she waited for help to arrive. Her quick actions not only saved her home from further damage, but she also saved Christmas for her housemates.

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Christy, you know that she is a kind individual who loves to help when needed and take care of others. She regularly plans the menu and leads the preparation of most meals in the house. Christy has a big heart and a genuine desire to help others. Lance Jordan, Executive Director at Waves, shared his enthusiasm for the outcome of the event. “We are so grateful that Christy wasn’t in one of the rooms when the ceiling caved and flooded. This is an event that we never would have wanted any of our persons-supported to be present for. It was luck that Christy was there though, as she was able to alert management and staff quickly. Without her call, the incident would not have been discovered for many hours. Christy truly saved Christmas.”

As with any home incident, Waves is now working with the insurance agency to access the damage and make plans for renovations. While no bedrooms were damaged, the space is not safe for the needs of the residents. An Airbnb has been secured for the three ladies to temporarily reside while renovations can occur. If you’d like to contribute to any of these unexpected expenses, please visit to donate.

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