Each year, 140 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on you to provide support for the programs that they need. From Early Intervention services to employment support, your family, friends, and neighbors are able to reach milestones and achieve goals thanks to you.

Please join us as we establish the Waves Annual Fund. Our 2015 Annual Fund goal is to raise $10,000. Through this fund, you will guarantee the sustainability of Waves so individuals with disabilities and their families can rest assured that these essential services will be available as long as there is a need in our community.

Read about some of our service recipients’ stories below.


Margot’s Story

Imagine trying to communicate with your family and those around you, but nobody understands you. Imagine the frustration. This was Margot’s life at 2.5-years-old back in 2011. Then she became part of Waves Early Learning Program.


William’s Story

William has been receiving semi-independent living services from Waves since 2005. For the past 20 years, William has been employed with Kroger. Three days a week William walks the half-mile from his apartment to the Kroger store, depending on the weather.